Nay Aug Avenue Natural Play Area

Located in the Green Ridge section of Scranton, the Nay Aug Avenue Natural Play Area is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania because it is constructed primarily with materials found in nature. The park is designed to help children foster a sense of environmental stewardship while enjoying creative outdoor play. Its unique features include a Tike Bike Trail, a miniature bicycle track that simulates a real road, complete with speed limit, safety and directional signage; the Lily Pad Stage for performing arts and story time; a simulated Beaver Dam, made from cob, a natural building material created by mixing subsoil or clay, water, straw and sand; a Fish Run painted with Iron Oxide (which occurs naturally in runoff from the river); Turtle Hill, an earthy mound shaped like a turtle; and the Fidelity Fishing Shack, a small structure that children can use as a “clubhouse,” and that also will display a montage of interpretive materials from nature for environmental education. The AeroGlider is an accessible glider that can accommodate up to two wheelchairs at a time so children and adults with disabilities can enjoy nature in this urban green space. The park is adjacent to the Lackawanna River and the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, giving park-goers easy access to fishing in the Lackawanna River, and a host of activities on Lackawanna River Heritage Trail, such as walking, running, hiking, bicycling and bird-watching. Bald Eagles fly overhead on a regular basis, often stopping at resting places in the trees overlooking the river and the park.